Erg Academy & Other Erg Army Events.

Due to COVID 19 we are currently not doing our standard Erg Army seminars.

Please contact us if you wish to do a One on One course online with Jane.

CEC Courses for Trainers, Coaches and Gym Owners

Are you a registered fitness professional looking to upskill and obtain CECs? We have a range of options for you.

Are you a gym owner who would like to host a CEC course for your trainers on equipment that your clients use every day? Two birds and all that – get your trainers qualified while increasing the experience and retention of your members.

Project Row and Project Ski

Cheaper than a night out, with way less regrets, not boring AF as so many other seminars and more fun than sucking in your erg sessions 🙂

Come along if you use the ergs and know you could actually be better.

Hermit Help

Found yourself with an Erg at home during the time of #corona and not ready to part ways? Stats show that 2 months is the life-span of an at home erg love affair. Why? Because people either f* up their back or lose interest. If you’d like to make use of your purchase and you know, actually get fitter, leaner, FASTER, then one-on-one guidance at home (either in person or online) is what you need.