Erg Academy & Other Erg Army Events.

Erg Army seminars are BACK! If you’d like to come along to one of our in-person or online offering, click the links below.

Alternatively if you’d like to host Erg Army at your facility, please use the contact form.

CEC Courses for Trainers, Coaches and Gym Owners

Are you a registered fitness professional looking to upskill and obtain CECs? We have a range of options for you.

Are you a gym owner who would like to host a CEC course for your trainers on equipment that your clients use every day? Two birds and all that – get your trainers qualified while increasing the experience and retention of your members.

Project Row and Project Ski

Cheaper than a night out, with way less regrets, not boring AF as so many other seminars and more fun than sucking in your erg sessions 🙂

Come along if you use the ergs and know you could actually be better.

Hermit Help

Found yourself with an Erg at home during the time of #corona and not ready to part ways? Stats show that 2 months is the life-span of an at home erg love affair. Why? Because people either f* up their back or lose interest. If you’d like to make use of your purchase and you know, actually get fitter, leaner, FASTER, then one-on-one guidance at home (either in person or online) is what you need.