Cheaper than a night out, with way less regrets, not boring AF as so many other seminars and more fun than sucking in your erg sessions 🙂

But if you need more convincing, here are 12 (really decent) reasons to come to Project Row & Project Ski:

  1. Quads will stop blowing up. The hallmark of incorrect rower (AND SKIERG) technique is blown quads, from using them up and down the stroke. We’ll show you how to deload your quads, and load your hamstrings.
  2. Lower backs will stop aching. Likewise, a sore lower back is another sign of incorrect rower and skierg technique. IT SHOULD NOT HURT and if it does, it’s only a matter of time that this equals a sidelining injury.
  3. It actually is really good fun. The seminar that is. Not the above injury…
  4. You won’t feel frustrated anymore. The worst thing about not knowing how to ski or row properly is that it makes you feel useless. We show you how good you really are, with just a few technique changes.
  5. You get a better workout. EVERY. TIME. And a more effective workout means better results, faster.
  6. We’ll take you from green-run to black-diamond. #skipun
  7. Your performance will CATAPULT forwards. Even if you ‘don’t care’ about your performance and just want to be a more functional person – your performance in whatever your objective is will catapult forwards.
  8. Some serious babes come to Project Row and I’m not saying Project Row’s better than tinder, but Project Row is better than tinder.
  9. Remember that better, more effective workout up there at point 5? Well that just means that all other things equal, you’ll look better naked. And in clothes and all the time. We pretend we don’t care but we kind of do and don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. You’re welcome.
  10. Yep said it before because #true – It’s cheaper than a night out on the town, with way fewer regrets.
  11. We’ll explain exactly why you should almost never row or ski on a 10, why a higher damper is not “harder”, where to put your own damper setting and end that conversation once and for all. And how you can use this knowledge as a force for good worldwide – NOT EXAGGERATING.
  12. Did we mention that it’s fun? Heaps of seminars are boring AF. Not this one.