Building the Army

Marketing for “Meatheads”


Hey Gym Owner,

I get it. Every smarmy marketing dude (honestly are there any women in this space…?) is selling you the generic cookie cutter way to get more people in your gym and it’s making me fucking sick. Brunswick ladies do you want to lose 5kg? Or maybe Northcote/Prahran/Kew?? WTF?

Newsflash this isn’t marketing and this isn’t attracting or keeping your ideal client.

But you’ve bought it. Why? Because you ‘can’t do’ marketing. It’s something ‘you’re just not good at’. Sound familiar?

How do you feel when someone in class says they can’t do something because they’re not good at and they then avoid it? You tell them to practice. You write them a plan, coach them, progressively load them – you make them better. Well what about you? Marketing is different to squats, yes, but the ability to adapt and overcome is the same.

So I want to teach you that marketing is something you can be good at with the right systems and coaching.

If someone wants to sell you an identical system (ahem template) they’ve used in another gym, run.

If someone is doing marketing for you and they’ve never stepped foot in your gym, RUN! What do they know about you? Your community? The energy in your space? The individuality of the transformative experience you provide your members? They don’t. They know how to sell their product to you. And they’re good at it. But it won’t work long term for you and it’ll cost you. A lot.

The ‘gym marketing packs’ out there are more of a scam than those lottery emails you get because at least with those they haven’t taken your money first.

So here’s what I want to say. The fitness industry changed my life. I know, eye roll, cliche, blah blah. But it’s true. I wouldn’t be who I am without it and I am terrified that covid threatens to take this away from us. Think of all those people who are missing out on the transformative experience you can give them?!

Yes we’re in a recession, yes people don’t have the disposable cash or ability to be frivolous any more, but also yes – they need to be fit, healthy, strong, resilient and supported by a community that is striving to do better and be better.

Of all the things that a fitness community does, I believe the most valuable is social. Building a network, building confidence and making you see that the environment you are in regularly will make your life better and you better at your life.

That’s why this industry exists.

Yes you can hop around your living room and exercise, but does that transform your life? No. And because of that, we, as an industry need to bounce back stronger than ever.

So, I know you don’t have a budget for advertising or marketing right now but you also need retention and that’s what I’ll teach you.

We will – personally – set up a series of systems to attract the right clients to you and KEEP THEM. Through word of mouth and social media, we’ll make it super easy for you so you don’t waste time or money with rubbish that attracts the equivalent of a disappointing one night stand.

I (selfishly) want the fitness industry to thrive so we have a high standard here and I know how to help you reach more people and retain more people.

Finally what gives me the authority to do this? I have (arguably) been to more gyms worldwide than anyone else. Team this with the fact that I’m a sociologist who has worked in fitness for two decades. AND I know a thing or two about running successful fitness businesses, building brands and sustaining an army of followers…

So if you would like to attract and retain the right members for your gym effortlessly, while building a team of knowledgeable, hungry, loyal and empathetic coaches then we can help.

Yes! I want a free strategy session!